TGP-03 Photo Light Box

TGP-03 Studio Lightbox

is your quick and easy professional photography solution for jewelry, watches, gem stones, coins and collectibles…

TGP-03 fits product size less than 20″ x 14″ x 14″, 4 x CCFL light tubes providing "5500K" daylight color temperature. Light bounce and spread evenly inside the light box which produce sharp images than tranditional softbox solution.

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TGP-03 Light Box

  • What is TGP-03 Photo box?
    The TGP-02 photo box is a compact, instant professional product photography solution.

  • Why TGP-03 photo box and not other solution?
    The CCFL light tube provides a large light source inside the box, lights bounce around and distribute even lighting on the object.

  • Ultra Sharpness
    Inside the photo box, the light source provides even lights inside. Unlike the traditional photo cube or photo tent which soften the object.

  • Easy Setup
    No lighting or set up, you start shooting simply by turning on the build-in light.
TGP-03 Product Photo Box